Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Might Get Loud : Duncan / Channon SF

When SF advertising agency Duncan Channon commissioned us to create a group portrait of their team for their forthcoming feature story in CA, we left the meeting a little confused.

Should we get risers for people to stand on? How are we going to get everyone to smile? Oh...I have an idea: let's get the really crazy people up front...can we do that?

In the end, the agency wasn't really able to tell me what this experience would be like, and I was totally unprepared to address what we'd find. Let's just say it was more of a large scale collaborative performance art piece than an executed photograph really. It felt like creativity, like live performance in the most immediate way. And in the end we all were in awe of our epic creation. Art direction by Anne Elisco-Lemme and retouching by Faye Champlin.

See the image in all it's splendor HERE and see it in context in this month's Communication Arts magazine.

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aeliscolemme said...

Let's do it again! Thanks for being a great partner in crime, Timothy!