Friday, February 18, 2011

Time Travel Again

Schenectady N.Y. 1985

So...what is going on?
Last week was spent racing to the finish line producing a totally fun ad which was to be shot this week. After a casting struggle, we found the perfect talent as the very last person to show up at our casting. He walks in the room, we tell him about the role. He takes a moment and really just transforms into the character. We shoot some shots but its hardly necessary. ends in 4 minutes. I look around at the creatives in the casting, ask them if they want to see anything else? They looked kind of shocked:
No...I think we are good.
We thank him, the door closes, and we just look at each other :
Omg...that guy was everything we wanted.
When that happens....everyone knows. There isn't even a debate. It's a slam dunk and it is so exciting to witness.

Next week my son and I head to Schenectady N.Y.
I was born there, discovered photography there, and left when I got out of school. Union College in Schenectady is hanging the ECHOLILIA installation in the exhibition Photography Invitational 2011, along with the work of Clarissa Amaral and Raymond Felix. Curated by my original photography teacher Martin Benjamin, the show looks so wonderful, spread out in their large Atrium Gallery. There will be a reception and lecture on Thursday the 24th. So much wonderful photography stuff to engage in, expose my kid to, get my parents to witness and share in.

I really never thought the family tree of photography would grow this large. For all of this I am thankful.

Info on the show HERE. Info on the lecture HERE.

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B said...

The show looks good at Union, maybe a little crowded by the two other shows in the same building but I really liked the non-photo pieces added in. Thanks for showing somewhere a bit out of the way.

While you're there, there's a nice show on the second floor of the Nott Memorial, too.