Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ECHOLILIA Installation at Union College

The ECHOLILIA installation that we hung in Live Worms last month is being reworked and reconfigured to hang in a show opening January 3rd at The Arts Atrium Gallery, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. The show also includes work by artists Clarissa Amaral and Raymond Felix. Of course ya' all know I was born there, correct?

Exhibit Co-ordinator and Photographer Frank Rapant and I shared some sketches on what shape it would take in the new space. We have 30 feet of wall space really allowing the show to open up and spread its wings into something different. I did some drawings ( shown here ) and shared them with Frank who now is making the thing come to life. The added space allows the images to form a line, a sentence, a mathematical equation that can be read from left to right. The show at Live Worms was interesting...but I was never sure if it really worked or not. Now this is getting closer to something that really works for me. Exciting stuff. Frank is still messing with the hanging but sent me a jpg of it as it goes up, at bottom.

Work In Progress Photo By Frank Rapant

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B said...

Really excited to be able to see this... awesome, thanks.