Monday, August 2, 2010

Révy Reviews ECHOLILIA

I was excited to read this honest review of our book from Suzanne Révy on A Grain Of Sand:

I recently and impulsively bought Timothy Archibald's self published book, Echolilia. He describes the work as a collaboration with his son. The pictures are intimate and personal without being private, and the book itself is big and gorgeous.

Like so many bodies of work I respond to, I wasn't sure, at first, about whether or not I liked it. It felt, I don't know, a little too commercial or something, but I found myself thinking about his pictures, and returning to the work to have another look. And as I studied the images, I found that in a subtle way the emotional connection between the photographer and his sitter profound, and the fascinating world that his young son seems to be exploring to be intriguing. Some of the pictures are presented as diptychs, one a portrait, the other, details and detritus of life with children, items such as notes the photographer or his son have written to or about each other, things collected, a bloody band aid, cut up paper scraps present us with the messiness of life with kids, and yet they photographed cleanly and neatly.

The mess of it all really can be beautiful.
-Suzanne Révy, from the blog A Grain Of Sand

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