Monday, March 15, 2010

Notes From A Photograph

Babes In The Woods, 2010
Back in December we were doing a shoot in a taxi cab garage for My Ford Magazine. As the subject is giving us a tour of the place we see this great room....too small for our given shoot but it seemed to be coated with layers of oil and had these layers of realness you could just touch....and it was lit by overhead flourescent bulbs...all the metal looked sensual. We ignored that space that day but it did stick in my head for some reason.
Yellow Cab For My Ford Magazine, 2009
Last month we found ourselves shooting in an Acura dealership in Marin. Sz finds a catalogue for the Acura ZDX that we are just floored by. The photography is stunning. Sz turns to a page with a photograph of a transmission : It almost looks like art...its like a real photograph. This shot of the transmission is below. I loved looked like a brain, like a heart, like a metal human organ.

Acura ZDX Catalogue

A friend sends me a note about girls in China who are put up for adoption. Their moms leave the babies in public somewhere they will be found easily and welcomed to the orphanage. When their adopted moms get together, they share stories : My daughter was found on the playground...mine was found on the steps of the building...they found mine at the park...

Ok...we got alot to think about here...I think we can make a photograph out of all of this, ya think? And we are trying to push this commercial its gotta speak in that language, right? Talk to Shannon who has a vision of wealthy society women in this it...but it won't work in the space. Talk to TB who mentions a baby. Ahh....that may work. Lets can I get an adorable baby? Facebook maybe...lets works. Ben Smith leads us to his friend who delivers the most perfect all american baby we have ever seen!

Let's now try to get back into that garage.


Carla said...

Perfect picture. My son sent me the picture and as it's our grandaughter....totally perfect! I love the "brain" aspect of the motor, clever and the vibrant, human life of a living organ, Zoe, perfect. Thanks. Carla aka Nanni

Timothy Archibald said...

I'm so happy you like the image. When I saw Zoe I was sure it was going to be a great shot...but I am so impressed that you were able to appreciate this kinda unconventional shot of your grand daughter!
Send me a note privately if you'd like a print...:)