Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fertilized Egg, Pornography and GF.

After Marc Chagall, 1989

I hate digging thru old work, but thats what I'm doing trying to prepare for the lecture next Thursday. I'm not showing old stuff like this, but I need a blog post today...k?

I came across this image I made for a class in college in 1989. I was trying to copy work by Marc Chagall... romantic and surreal and dreamy but with photographs. I'm at the bottom pretending to be asleep. On the wall in descending order from foreground to backround is a diagram of a fertilized egg, a piece of pornography photographed from a movie screen, and a self portrait my girlfriend did of herself that she gave me.

What was it supposed to mean? Oh....I dunno....I think it was about trying to dig into one's subconscious or something...

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