Monday, August 11, 2008

Greatest Arbus Story Ever

In 1988 my girlfriend ( now wife ) worked at Moto-Photo One Hour Photo in Laurel Maryland. A heavy set older guy came in, dropped off some film and started a conversation with her. She told him she was into photography and studying it in college.

"Oh, you might know the work of an old girlfriend of mine, she became a big deal in the art world, " he says. "Her name was Diane Arbus. "
To me, it was the first time that the whole " Six Degrees of Separation " thing ever made any sense to me. Here was a person I knew, who spoke to a person who was close with Arbus. Someone here had touched on the magical and mystical, the keeper of the secrets.

I thought of this all when I read this greatest Arbus story ever on the blogosphere, via Christopher Paquette, via James Danziger, all due to writer David Segal of The Washington Post. m
It is totally great, read it HERE.


Christopher Paquette said...

Does this mean I am now connected to within six degrees of separation to Diane Arbus ??

You made my day!

stephen said...

I grew up in Laurel! Small world indeed...