Sunday, February 10, 2008


Kind of a good week this past week: the sun was beaming for the first time in a while, I got to think about photography and this project on Friday and answer some questions about it all, had a close call that fell thru for a potentially fun job with an interesting agency in MN called Colle + Mcvoy, my friend shot a landscape almost in my neighborhood, I got to go out to Geyserville to shoot a guy with a chicken amidst the redwoods, all of that. I also got to harvest this note, just yesterday, from my eldest son. One note was written to me and the smaller one was written to his brother. ( top ). The benign notes below were included just to take the edge off of the notes above.


Anonymous said...

your friend must be getting closer to where he wants to be

colin pantall said...

It's funny seeing someone else's notes - they seem so hostile and dysfunctional, but at the same time if I think of the things my daughter and her darling friends say, it's completely normal and commonplace (in an everyday dysfunctional sort of way.

I like Here is a note - it has a philosophical tone to it that is sophisticated in a direct sort of way. What next? This note is not a note.

Timothy Archibald said...

yeah, its like a magritte type of thing: "this is not a pipe", or a gertrude stein type of thing " a rose is a rose is a rose "
my guess is that lots of these artists grabbed ideas and concepts from the way of thinking of children, or from being drunk or high or something. you think?

W.L.B. said...
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William Anthony said...

Is your son right-handed Timothy?

I love the descending slant to it. Like each letter carries tangible weight.

Remember when writing was so slow and deliberate?


W.L.B. said...

It's also a reminder that kids are not yet jaded by the world (for the most part) and not only does each letter carry tangible weight, but each word written often holds such intense meaning. A 3 or 5 word sentence written by a kid can say the same thing as an adult using a 15 word sentence full of big words, but have far more impact, cause kids generally tell it like it is, even if the truth hurt. No, he may not REALLY hate his brother, but at that moment, yeah, maybe he does. :) I think we can all relate to that!

What I remember most about the slow process of writing is not the act itself, but laughing at my twin sister (identical) who had a tendency to stick out her tongue just the slightest bit when she was concentrating hard. Her 5-yr old daughter now does it as well.

Timothy-- maybe this is something else to think about capturing: when your son is writing or focusing on something, or is really intense about something, what are some of is typical behaviors? Twisting or pulling his hair, tapping his foot, tongue sticking out like my sister and niece? etc. Look for the little things like that; things that are unique to your son. What (if any) are things YOU do, or used to do at his age, that you see him doing?

Odd as it sounds, as I've only been a visitor to your page for a short while, I find myself occasionally wondering what quirky little thing you might have captured that day. And then I'll check back here in the hopes of seeing something new. :) I think it's the enigmatic quality of the whole project that has drawn me in...

Anonymous said...

Tim, Nick the Click here, couple of questions for ya. Why edit anything from your comments? Next, does it really matter that Thomas B. is your friend? Is that part of having a blog, name dropping to reinforce your commitment to quality and uphold your status as current and hip? You should have no fear about your blog becoming flikr- light I think that threshold has been cleared already. Well intended but usurped by ego.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Nick-
Oh, I don't think I've ever edited a comment here. I think WLB edited her comment above because she posted twice...or are you referring to something else?

Yeah, it matters totally that TB is my friend. It has been integral to the evolution of all of my projects to have smart friends doing interesting work. TB and I have a dialogue that pushes all of this stuff along.

Regarding name dropping: sure it is fun to put links into the blog so its not so self-centric, and also turns others on to their work.

Regarding being current and hip: I dunno, I think its clear I'm a suburban dad, so if that is current and hip, yeah!

All good, Nick, thanks for reaching out...always glad to field your questions.

Anonymous said...

TA, Nick here, Thanks for getting back to me. I've been considering a blog but I think as you just witnessed the barriers that just simply written words have to intention, especially for the sake of brevity, can be detrimental without relying also on inflection, tone and pitch of spoken words. If you had said, Thomas B. my guru who I happen to be fortunate enough to enjoy an incredible friendship with, I certainly would have taken your comments in a less adversarial way. Also thanks for letting me know about the apparent filters that the blog hosts employ. I'll work on my assumptions. Thanks for clarifying so gracefully your previous thoughts.