Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everything Known And Visible : Frances Stroh

I had the good fortune to spend the afternoon with Frances Stroh, heiress to the Stroh's Beer dynasty. A midst discussion of Minecraft and affordable beverages of the 80's, we managed to put together some elegant photographs. Frances' memoir is titled Everything Known and Visible and I downloaded it right away. 

In the publisher's words:

In this riveting and darkly funny memoir about the decline of her beer-making family, author Frances Stroh chronicles her teenage journey through the ruins of Detroit and one of its opulent suburbs—as well as the addictions at the heart of her family’s unraveling—with brutal honesty and unsettling detail. From an acid trip inside the abandoned Uniroyal Tire Plant to a cocaine-inspired meditation class with Annie Lennox, this young artist struggles to forge her path to adulthood—and away from the known and visible—in the midst of Detroit’s and her family’s demise. 

More about Everything Known and Visible HERE.

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Anonymous said...

typically archibaldianly beautiful -- love the palette.